What is our mission?

Women Owned Law is a national networking group for women owned law and legal services firms. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our women legal entrepreneurs to come together, support each other and help our businesses prosper.

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What is our vision?

Equity, parity and influence for women entrepreneurs in the law.

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What are our goals?

Additional information about our organization can be found here.

  1. To Create Networks -  Provide a national (and international forum for women entrepreneurs in the law to network with and learn from each other to further their business goals

  2. To Create Awareness - Raise the profile and increase the visibility and media coverage of women owned law and legal services firms.

  3. To Generate Member Referrals - As WOL expands across the country, our goal is to encourage referrals among members in support of business growth.

  4. To Create a Digital Resource Library - Create a broad range of resources about women owned law and legal services firms for the media and others interested in this growing market sector.

  5. To Support Growth - Help women owned law and legal services firms grow into larger organizations with significant influence in the legal ecosystem, if they choose to grow.

  6. To Create Opportunities - Provide “on ramp” opportunities for and assistance to women seeking to transition into their own law and legal services firms and/or other law and legal services firms at least 50% owned by women – either from existing traditional law firms or directly from law schools.

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Who are our members?

WOL has four categories of members. Our core members are:

  1. Owners of woman-owned law firms
  2. Owners of a woman-owned legal services firms whose business includes the practice of law (e.g., a secondment firm) 
  3. Owners of a woman-owned legal services firm whose business do not include the practice of law. 
  4. Owners of a woman-owned firm whose business supports WOL’s mission.

We define “women owned” as a firm in which at least 50% of the ownership interest held individually or collectively by one or more women.”

Additional information about membership can be found here.

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Who are our sponsors? 

Over 90 individual, firm, and corporate sponsors of Women Owned Law have generously devoted time, energy, and funds to our success. A listing of our Founding Sponsors may be found here.

Additionally our Founders Circle Sponsors can be found here.

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How are we structured?

We are a 501(c)(6) organization, with a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board and various organization wide and regional committees. A list of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board members can be found here.

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Where are we located?

Our global headquarters is located in Philadelphia. We conduct activities and operations nationally through our Regional Steering Committees and Regional Representatives.

Women Owned Law currently has a presence in in Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Albany, Southern New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, Bay Area, Indianapolis, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Louisville and Pittsburgh. Additional regions will be added based on interest. A list of Regional Steering Committees and their chairs along with Regional Representatives can be found here.

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What are we doing In 2018?

WOL offers a variety of local networking opportunities and programming for our members, sponsors, and guests.

In addition, we introduced national programming with a monthly speaker series presented by teleconference.

A listing of upcoming events can be found here.

Additional information about membership benefits can be found here

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How can I get involved?

  1. Join Women Owned Law as a Member or a Sponsor! Since its founding in 2017, WOL is growing steadily, across the country with up to 200 full members, many of whom are Founders Circle Sponsors. Our goal is to reach 350 members by the end of 2018.

  2. Once you’ve become a member, join a WOL organization-wide committee and/or become involved with local WOL activities! (All committee members must be WOL members.) We welcome new committee members as we continue to grow.

    Our nationwide committees include Communications, Membership, and Sponsorship, along with our Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Once our strategic planning is complete, we will also add members to our organizational Activities Committee. Contact us for more information.

  3. Volunteer to author a blog on a topic of expertise.

  4. Volunteer to host a webinar for our membership.

  5. Share your WOL membership experience with others in your network and region.

  6. Spread the word! Introduce others to Women Owned Law, including in other regions such as Los Angeles and Phoenix. Share information about upcoming events and invite colleagues to any events open to non-members.

  7. Like us on Facebook and Twitter, and connect to us on LinkedIn. Share information about us on your social media. The more broad and active our network, the more powerful Women Owned Law will be and the better able to achieve our goals and serve our members.

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