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About the Regional Council Committee

The Regional Council Committee (RCC) is WOL’s global unifying arm that connects all of our regional committees and representatives throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad.  It is comprised of Regional Steering Committees and Regional Representatives, tailored to the mission and make-up of each region.   The RCC provides a forum for collaboration among our regions and their integration into one cohesive unit of WOL.

We currently have  active Regional Steering Committees and Regional Representatives in several geographic areas. The RCC is also currently engaging in outreach efforts in number of other regions.  If you would like to join or obtain information on any active regions, please contact the Regional Steering Committee Chairs or Regional Representatives listed below.

Regional Steering Committees

•    Washington, D.C -  Carolyn Elefant, Committee Chair
•    New York City, NY – Emily Kirsch, Committee Chair
•    Philadelphia, PA - Hadley Perkins,  Committee Chair

Regional Representatives

If you are interested in a region that is not represented here and you might be willing to initiate or head WOL's efforts there, please complete the form below or contact our Chair, Virginia McMichael, or Vice Chair, Carolyn Hochstadter for more information.

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