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At this session, you will be inspired by Deborah Epstein Henry, Esquire, of DEH Consulting | Speaking | Writing and a self-starter who has embraced “Responsive Initiative” - a newly-coined concept that is a fresh twist on innovation.  

Responsive Initiative is the ability to create something new by merely reacting more efficiently and effectively than anyone else in the marketplace, to a force or thing that already exists.  This is contrary to the common notion that something new must be original.  Instead, Responsive Initiative teaches us that something new can merely be a different reaction to an existing gap in the market.  In this session, you will discover your own opportunities for Responsive Initiative.  

You will learn the importance of homework, piloting, risk and failure, as techniques to teach you to pay attention to your surroundings, notice what people are seeking you out to do, and then figure out how to address the needs you encounter.  

As an entrepreneur, leader, job seeker, or individual hoping to make an impact, it is not always clear what path to pursue.  With the tools and inspirational stories shared in this session, you will learn how to focus on researching, testing, harnessing, honing, and then launching, to enhance both your business and your career.