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Law Firms’ Problem with Women

Jordan Furlong provides articles about the seemingly endless issue of the apparently insurmountable barrier to the full participation of women in law firms.

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Women Owned Law Member Emily Griesing attends En Blanc

Griesing Law team members Elizabeth Livingston and Emily Griesing (Women Owned Law Member) were profiled on the evening news enjoying Diner En Blanc which Elizabeth has helped organize for the past 4 years.

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Hanging Out The Alternative Women-Owned Shingle

In June 2017, Women Owned Law member Jordan Fischer and her partner, Rebecca Rakoski opened a woman-owned boutique firm that encapsulates so much about courageous lawyers executing their own vision of practice. 

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Women Owned Law Founder Nicole Galli Talks About Inspiring Other Women in Law

"I think a lot of us are starting to create an old-girls' network and refer business," said Nicole Galli, founder of national network Women Owned Law, which she started in Philadelphia less than a year ago. "I think we are inspiring other women to go out on their own and take ownership."

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Women Owned Law’s Ezold Weighs In On Proskauer Discrimination Suit

If her allegations are true, it would indicate that in some respects it doesn’t matter what you do as a woman, and that is a very depressing thought.

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Meet the Woman Helping Other Women Start Law Firms

How many women owned law firms are there in the U.S.? Nobody appears to know, according to Nicole Galli, a Big Law refuge who launched her own firm in 2015.

This week, Galli and others formally launched Women Owned Law, an organization dedicated to helping other women legal entrepreneurs network, increase their visibility, and grow their influence.

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When Leaving Big Law, the Financial Struggle Is Real

Alma Asay was counting her nickels in 2014. She pulled the spare change out of her pockets and put it on the table.

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Women Owned Law Announces Launch of National Organization and Brand

Association connects and advances women entrepreneurs in the law across the U.S.

PHILADELPHIA May 1, 2017– Women Owned Law, a national organization devoted exclusively to women legal entrepreneurs, has formally launched and has inaugurated its new brand.

“I am proud and pleased that in just a few short months, Women Owned Law has grown from a germ of an idea into a vibrant and growing organization that will support women who are leading the way as entrepreneurs in the legal community,” said Nicole Galli, founder and President of Women Owned Law and owner of the Law Offices of N.D. Galli LLC in Philadelphia. “We now have a hard-working Board of Directors and team of volunteers, an impressive Advisory Board, and a tremendous amount of energy and excitement among our sponsors and members.”

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