From 10 Minutes to Five Figures

by Ivy Slater | Slater Success Coaching

Efficiency equals dollars. This is especially true in the legal field when certain hours of your day are spent on billable tasks and others are spent on all the other stuff. And you know that other stuff can pile up and completely take over on any given day.

Freeing up just 10 minutes, twice a day, can turn into five figures over the span of a year. Let’s break it down.

Look at your current To Be Done list and remember that TBD should sometimes stand for To Be Delegated. Too often, you may just do it all. You may say “It’s easier if I just do it” or “I know it’ll be right if I do it.”

This is not the way to run a business. Trusting in your team is one of the most important ways to grow and scale. Until you give away some of the control behind the wheel, you can’t truly enjoy the ride.

The 10 minutes you spent proofreading your company newsletter or the 10 minutes you spent posting on social media, could have been spent on billable work.

If you bill at $400 an hour and free yourself 20 minutes a day, even four days a week, you’ve gained about five billable hours in a month. That amounts to $2,000 in potential profit.

Let’s take that monthly gain and multiply it by 12 months. Just like that you’ll find  $24,000 in potential profit you might be leaving on the table.

When you look at 10 minutes here or there, it doesn’t seem to make a big difference. In my role as a coach and consultant, I help clients see the bigger picture and the ways that the simple changes  lead to impressive results.

“What if the work isn’t there,” you might say.

It probably is already there or it WILL be there.

If you aren’t spending those minutes on things that can be delegated, those minutes can be spent on business development, client calls, networking, etc., which still lead you to higher revenue.

If you and your entire firm start billing 10-20 more minutes a day, the time escalates financially and impacts profitability. Those minor minutes are now becoming massive money makers.

Look at productivity and profitability hand-in-hand and focus on truly calendaring out your work. Find what you need to do versus what you yourself don’t have to do. Volia! There you will find additional time pockets that you can turn into profits.


Ivy Slater is an entrepreneur, internationally-bestselling author, speaker, podcast, host and professionally-certified business coach.  As the CEO of Slater Success, Ivy works closely with C-Suite executives and upper-level managers to advise and create clear strategies that provide instant and longterm impact on businesses. From generating team synergy and launching new sales initiatives, to holding mastermind retreats and corporate trainings on communication, finances, or strategic planning, Ivy is an expert at cultivating and facilitating relationships that are the hallmark of any successful business. Learn more about Ivy.

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