Be a Video Rock Star and Attract Great Clients

When I started my solo disability law practice, I got bogged down answering the same basic questions from potential clients over and over again. 

I needed to screen potential clients without myself or my staff speaking with every caller, only to find that they did not meet the basic requirements for a case that we would accept. 

Then I had an idea. 

I often watched videos to learn about many things -- from  simple home repairs, to planting a garden, to decorating tips for the home and office. Why not use videos for my potential clients? That’s how my first YouTube channel was born.

In the beginning, the videos were bare bones. A college student shot the videos on an iPad, edited them and uploaded them to my YouTube channel.

In these videos, I answered the same basic questions that potential clients asked me daily, such as:

  • What does disabled mean to Social Security?
  • How long does the claim process take?
  • Will I have to go before a judge?

 Later, I hired a marketing firm to shoot three videos each week, adding music and graphics to keep the viewer’s attention. Then I started to niche my videos; I focused on the specific diseases and limitations that made for a great case. At the end of each video, I displayed my email address and invited people to send me their questions.

Over time, subscribers to my video channel grew to more than 4,000. That’s remarkable for a dry topic like Social Security disability. 

My email list grew, as did my client list. Careful analysis revealed that potential clients would watch a few videos. Then, they visited my law firm’s website. By that time, a potential client felt like he knew me, even though we had never spoken. I gave him great information, first on the video and then on the website. He knew that I was an expert. He could trust me. And then he called.

If you want more great clients for your law practice, start consistently posting videos with great information about your area of expertise. Post them wherever your best clients are likely to find them: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, as well as YouTube. 

Set aside your concerns about your appearance. You don’t have to be a trained actor or take any special classes.

Instead, focus on giving helpful information and a sincere delivery. Here’s the best part. Practice until you get it the way you want it. You can use your phone and do as many takes as you like. Just reset the video and re-record. It is really that simple.

Keep the videos short, under five minutes. That way, the audience stays engaged.

I love shooting videos, because I can share a lot of great information. Like you, I am a lawyer and I love to talk. It took some practice, but in a short time I became very comfortable talking to the camera -- first on an iPad and now on Zoom.

The key to success is consistency. Set aside time every week to prepare and post at least one video. When you keep at it, you will see the results and your client list will grow. 

Are you using video to attract great clients? If not, why not?


Sharon Christie is an attorney. She is the Founder and CEO of Bold Women Lawyers, a business coaching firm for women attorneys in solo and small firm practices. Previously, she owned her solo practice for 16 years and was a partner in a small law firm.

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