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Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
Category: National

The MasterMind+ Experience - by Invite Only


Women Owned Law is excited to introduce its newest member benefit, MasterMind+.  Our first MasterMind program will bring together five to seven of our members to brainstorm, strategize, and implement as a group for one hour once every month.  This group will be led by one of our own members, Kimberly Rice, President and Chief Strategist of KLA Marketing.

This six month-long program will be video conferenced and recorded via Zoom.  In addition to these monthly sessions, each participant of the WOL MasterMind+ program will have access to a LinkedIn group exclusive just to them.  This group is a safe space for participants to engage, strategize, seek feedback, find new resources, and celebrate wins.


  • The MM will help you think through your business challenges
  • Help clarify what could help you increase revenue streams by helping you with your financial picture
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Increase your confidence
  • Decrease the sense of isolation that pervades most women lawyers
  • Help you tap the skills of others who are willing to share
  • Hold you accountable to move forward – helping you build the courage for success.
  • Expose you to concepts and people that can help you build your business


  • Group coaching (Facilitator does not answer each member's problems.  Participants will provide feedback and brainstorm together.)
  • A class (This group is not based on a particular topic and is not led by a single instructor.  Topics are based on the needs of the individual participants, and each participant will have an equal amount of time to share informations and questions.)
  • A networking group (This program is more than just exchanging referrals.  This group is goal-oriented and works toward a common agenda.)


  • You have some practice experience and have a practice you are currently working within.  The more years of practice you have, the better your participation and your growth experience will be.
  • You have a business goal of increasing revenue and improving your client base.
  • You are committed to your business and to its growth.
  • You are committed to do the work necessary to be successful – walk the talk